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Testimonials to Belliveau Products ...

Dave, I just have to tell you about the barbeque experience with the Aged Rib Eye Angus Steak! Half way through eating his steak, my husband stopped for a moment to comment, “You know, I don’t think I have ever eaten such a tender steak.”

That is quite a comment when you realize how many home and restaurant cooked steaks he has eaten over the years. Everyone else then began wondering where it came from! Yes, it was from Belliveau’s Quality Frozen Foods!

And here is my fish story.... but it is not exaggerated! Just this week I pulled out another large piece of Haddock (from the Shatter Pack), quickly cooked it up and enjoyed every bite. So did my husband. It was delicious – totally fresh tasting, no smell and so easy to prepare quickly! I especially appreciate that it is not prepared with health depriving preservatives. At first I thought that the pack might be too big, but it isn’t.

Thanks for making all this possible. I appreciate your dedication to excellent service, quality food and money back guarantee!

Jean Allan
Sleep and Wellness Consultant

Dave; We love your products. The prefried thick sliced bacon is so convenient to have at home and the cottage. It is handy for one serving and when I have a crowd to feed it’s effortless. I just take the individual slices out of the freezer and arrange them on pie plates in my oven. I put the oven at 350 degrees and turn it down after about ten minutes. The bacon is then ready for BLT’s, omelets, fried eggs etc. I also use the bacon to top caesar salad. While I am preparing the salad the bacon is heating in the oven ready fresh to top the salads.

The potatoe pancakes are also very handy as I have them ready on the stove top after cooking them in butter, oil or pam as a side dish. The beef short ribs are extremely tender and tasty. I pair them with your frozen mashed potatoes and serve them with your stir fried vegetables. As you know the truffle cake is a big hit with my youngest daughter and many of my guests. I simply cut it into small squares and serve it with a sliced strawberry or two and a tablespoon of ice cream, except in Jim’s case it’s a major scoop or three of ice cream.

I can’t say enough about your individual salmon portions. They are great on the barbecue and great cooked on the stove top or in the oven. Your shatter pack haddock fillets is very convenient and great deep fried in batter or oven baked with mushroom soup. The wedding soup is also another big hit here and I can’t wait to try other varieties of your frozen wonders. We also love your meatballs, chicken kiev and your super tender angus beef steaks that you can cut with a butter knife!

It’s plain to see we love your food! Oh yes, most of all I love the way I can order your food online and then you deliver it to me free of charge. Now that’s hitting an "easy" button!

Kindi Dickinson
Jim Dickinson Auto Tech

Dear Mr. Belliveau, This is to let you know how much our family appreciates the quality of your food and your service.

We have tried the desserts, the sausage (several flavours), the chicken (in several forms), the frozen fruit, the frozen vegetables, the fruit bars, and the pre-fried bacon. All have been of the highest quality and flavour.

We have often bought quality food from other providers but have never had the excellent service that you provide. Your foods are not only convenient to prepare, but your expertise in telling us HOW to prepare them is much appreciated.

Your “to the door” delivery is extremely helpful and on the very rare occasion that the food has not met your standards, you have replaced it free of charge. What more could a customer ask for?

I am happy to recommend you and your food products to anyone who is looking for great food, great prices and friendly, reliable service.

Gile Beaudoin
Executive Director, Melaleuca – The Wellness Company

Just to drop your readers a quick line. Life is too short to eat bad food or drink bad wine. I would just like to say that since I have been enjoying your quality products from the very first time we met, you have taken care of the first part of this statement.

Good for you Dave, and also adding it is nice to watch your business grow. What I love more than the convenience of your business is the cooking tips that you provide to ensure the best in taste. As you should know by now I have no reservations in telling people who you are.

Also thanks for all your past help in the charity I help out in every year. In closing I would say good luck in your business and eat well, I know You will.

Your loyal client, Mike Wlotzki

I’m often too busy or tired to cook healthy meals but with a freezer full of Belliveau’s Quality Frozen Food, I no longer have to worry- because cooking has become quick and easy, not to mention very tasty.

And I don’t even have to worry about waiting in line at the grocery store! My favorite item is the Rotisserie Chicken… but Belliveau’s Quality Frozen Foods has something for everyone and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone!”

Elaine Côté Registered Massage Therapist and Co-Owner
the Ottawa Professional Therapy Centre

My husband and I first tried your pre-cooked thick bacon and have been bacon fans ever since. We enjoy it with eggs, in sandwiches, and wrapped around a variety of foods and hors d'oevres like steaks, scallops and meat balls.

I think, though, my favorite has to be your ribs. We love spicy jerk barbequed ribs and can rarely find good meaty back ribs in the grocery store. We've found them at Belliveau's Quality Frozen Foods and are now able to enjoy a good rib dinner much more often.

Thanks, Dave for the service, convenience and most of all, the quality of your food.

Pat & Jack Gauthier

I have been buying food from Dave Belliveau for the better part of a year, usually we order at least once a month. What I really like is sitting in my living room with Doreen, my wife, and checking out the different products, buying our favourites, and trying some of the new stuff.

Last year my father-in-law was visiting with his new girl friend for the first time. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. I served Dave’s Macgregor's Certified Angus Rib Eye Steaks as the main dish and baked am apple pie fresh that afternoon. Everything was perfect I was made to be the greatest cook of all time. Please give Belliveau's a try and you will be extremely impressed.

Moe Chartrand
Clarica Financial

Our family has been getting Belliveau's Quality Frozen Foods for some time now. I appreciate the door-to-door service - it is such a pleasure to see Dave pull up with His array of quality frozen foods delivered right to your door.

I am particularly taken with the frozen rack of lamb - we had a lovely dinner New Year's Eve that the guests raved about and it only took 15 minutes in the oven!

The chicken, veal, and pork chops are top quality meat with little fat - so tender and flavourful when cooked. I can only suggest you try his service- I guarantee you won't regret it.

Sue Deschamps
Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay

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